The climate, the Sun and the Earth makes Pugliaan authentic wine growing place of quality and strong identity. Thanks to the passion, the traditions and experience of its farmers, the Apulian territory can count on a wide variety of fine wines, including the Negroamaro, Primitivo and Nero di Troia.
At the farm “
Lama San Giorgio“, dislocated part of Palace Didonna B&B, you can purchase homemade wine and extra virgin olive oil from Puglia.


Orecchiette with turnip

The orecchiette with turnip is one of the typical dishes of Bari and surroundings, from the Apulian tradition. A simple dish with unique taste that combines the bitterness of turnip with the flavor of the anchovy and the spicy taste of local dried chilly.


Table grapes

Apulia is one of the leading regions in Italy and in the world for  the production of table grapes. The peculiarity of the Apulian climate guarantees excellent qualitative, quantitative and presentability, of the product representing the history and the wealth of the region.


Ferrovia Cherry

The “Ferrovia” Cherry is one of the most widespread crops in the South-East of Bari and in particular in the area of Conversano and Turi. It is a popular and widespread varietiy for its qualities of tasteness, hardness and resistance which have encouraged the spread around the world.


Altamura’s bread

Altamura’s bread is one of the typical products of tradition of Puglia. Made with semolina wheat, grown in the territories of the Murgia, and baked in the traditional wood-fired stone ovens. The bread of Altamura is rennomated for its fragrance and flavour, determined by a very crispy crust and soft yellow crumb.



The Panzerotti are like small pizzas folded in half (Moonshaped) filled with stringy mozzarella and tomato and fried in a pan. Panzerotto is an important symbol of Apulian gastronomy: always present to family or friends reunions and to many religious holidays or festivities, the “panzerottata” for Bari is now a “must”.




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